I am a writer.  I can feel the words come to me.  Creative ideas and thoughts have been arriving more frequently.  I have known this much of my life.  I have recently been reflecting on why I haven’t pursued what I know is my true calling.  One of the reasons we are all here is to share our gifts.  Communication is one of my gifts.  I personally think all of us are here as teachers to others and there are many ways to teach.

I wrote a column in my high school newspaper called, “Carli’s Corner,” which is how I chose the name of my blog. Aside from letters to the editor, this was the last time I was published. I have decided to pursue my passion of writing again and attempt to eliminate my fear of judgment for my work!  I have been inspired by Brene’ Brown’s work on vulnerability and Elizabeth Gilbert’s creativity book, “Big Magic”.  Brene’ Brown’s discovery of the quote by Teddy Roosevelt resonates with me:


I am taking a leap of faith.  Here I go! Judge away world, I am putting my toe in the arena!

I am also the Mother of 3 beautiful children- Sierra, Jace, and Mya, a Mother to my dog Lexi, a fiancé to my “guy,” Kirk, a Leader, a Health Care Administrator, friend to many, daughter, sister, and last but not even close to least, a Child of God.

Carli Lindemann



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