Soul Mates, Positive Golf, and The Energy Bus

I believe we meet people who are our soul mates throughout our life. We often think of a soul mate as a romantic partner.  The person who as Jerry McGuire said, “completes you.”  There is no question a soul mate can be your romantic partner, and I certainly hope you have found someone who is.  Connecting with someone at the soul level, whether it is romantic or not is one of the great pleasures of life. I thank God every day that I have found a soul mate. If you haven’t, it is well worth the wait.

I also have come to believe there are people you meet who are not romantic partners but are your soul mates. Sunlight QuoteI feel fortunate to have met several of these people over the years, but if I analyze all the people I have interacted with over my lifetime, the occurrence is still rare.  I would define a soul mate as someone who energetically vibrates at the same level as you, and when you meet there is an instant connection and it feels as if you have known them much longer than you have.  Perhaps because that is true?

I want to tell you about two people I would describe as my soul mates. One is my friend Dereck, who is 14 years younger than me, and my friend Sister Annella who is 49 years older than me. When it comes to soul mates age does not matter, how they look does not matter, what you have in common does not matter, it is a feeling you get when you meet that person and the comfort that you feel when you spend time with them.

I have written about Sister Annella in a previous blog post and we have such a special connection. I am so grateful to have her in my life. I love to look for signs of God and synchronicity.  There are two birds I love- hummingbirds and owls that are two of my signs I look for to remind me of God’s presence in my life.  Hummingbirds represent joy and owls represent wisdom and discernment.  sister-annella-compassion.jpgI also have two favorite words- compassion and peace that I love so much. I arrived for a visit with Sister Annella and she often changes the images on her bulletin board and to my sheer delight hanging on her bulletin board was the dove with the olive branch signaling peace, a hummingbird ornament with a message that said, “blessings are all around us”, and a typed quote that said, “Let Compassion be a “Deep Feeling for Another.”  I was glad I remembered to take a picture of the message because on my next visit, her bulletin board had once again been updated.  Some people may chalk that up to pure coincidence, but I don’t.  I think God is communicating with all of us if we are paying attention.  In my humble opinion he was confirming that yes, in fact, Sister Annella and I are soul mates and there is a purpose to our friendship.

My other soul mate friend Dereck couldn’t be more different than Sister Annella. It may go without saying, but he is not a nun.  He is much younger than her and me, but when we met there was an instant connection as if we were long lost friends.  We met in a best ball golf tournament and have had the opportunity to golf together more than once but see each other infrequently but always have fun when we do. When we play together we practice something we like to call positive golf. I love golf way more than I should considering how bad I am, but there is something so fun about getting out in nature with friends and hitting a small white ball around.  My fiancé tells me I enjoy the socializing and time outdoors more than the sport, but it is still such a wonderful time.

Positive golf goes like this. There is no such thing as a bad shot.  We cheer each other on, and call ourselves, “team awesome!”  We use phrases like, “well that one is easy to find,” or “it was nice and straight,” or “you are closer to the green than you were before.” You get the picture.  We do occasionally forget and throw in a swear word or two, but we correct ourselves and get right back on track.  DereckIt makes the day so much better than if you beat yourself up all day. Three years ago, at one of the golf tournaments, there was a photo booth and Dereck and I took our picture together.  I have those photos hanging in my office to remind me to have fun and embrace the joy of being positive.

Just like Sister Annella’s bulletin board, Dereck confirmed there was a reason we are friends when he brought me the book, “The Energy Bus” 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy”. He told me the bus driver in the book named Joy reminded him of me, and he knew I would enjoy the book. He was of course so right.  Soul mates always are.  I LOVE books, I love remarkable stories about ordinary people who make a significant impact, I love cheering people on, and I love how positive energy emanating from others can change the world they live in. I highly recommend you read this book!  Dereck knew I had started a blog, so I promised him I would write about the book.  I have been spending time writing my own book, so I haven’t spent as much time posting on my blog but here it is Dereck.  My blog post on an amazing book, The Energy Bus.  I am so grateful you introduced me to it, and I feel honored Joy reminded you of me.

I encourage you to consider and honor the soul mates in your life, try some positive golf, and read books like this one to raise your energy and make the world a better place for everyone.

I am curious if you have met people you consider your soul mates?

3 thoughts on “Soul Mates, Positive Golf, and The Energy Bus

  • Yes! I love this post! Well-done!! One of my soul mates is in prison, the other lives in Oregon, and when we talk, lots of things seem tremendously funny. Several of my soul mates are grandchildren…and the Universe sends me messages a lot – a page in a book, a bird or a mammal appearing at just the right moment – my number, 11.


  • Yes! I believe in soul mates! I do have animals that just “show up” and give me the messages I need EXACTLY at the moment I need them. I’ve definitely had the experience of meeting someone and feeling like I’ve known them for years rather than minutes!
    Life is beautiful. :)Love you Sis.


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