God’s Work of Art!

God's Work of Art 2I came across this amazing mirror that said, “You are God’s Work of Art!” Note the exclamation point! Ever since I saw the mirror, the words have not left me.

What would you do if you knew this to be true?  What would you say to yourself in the mirror?  How would your inner voice change? How would you act? How would you carry yourself? How would you speak?  When you feel hurt, how would you react?  What career would you pursue? What fear would you overcome?

If you knew deep within your soul that you are God’s work of art!  What would change if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt you were chosen to be here, during this time, for a purpose. What if you understood you were created as a true, creative expression of love.  How would this knowing change your life?

Imagine the toughest situation you have experienced. Perhaps, it was a job loss, the loss of a relationship, the death of a loved one, a person who you allow to get under your skin.  What if you had the ability to say, “I am not sure if you realize there is no challenge too great for God’s work of art.”

God does not make art, to see it destroyed.  God makes art for physical beauty but also to bring beauty manifested in the world through people.  A challenge does not take away the beauty, in fact, the challenges can bring out beauty that has been hidden before.  Emotional pain has the power to transform a cold heart into a soft, loving, compassionate heart.  Winter comes, but so does Spring.

I would love this message to be on everyone’s mirror. I believe firmly we are all the canvas for God’s work of art, and it is your job to discover this truth, and let the beauty inside of you shine so bright there will be no doubt this is true.

Would anything about you change if you truly believed you were God’s work of art?

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