Dear 2017

Dear 2017,

Hello New Year! I have plans for you!  I plan to rise to meet you with open arms!  “Who is rising?”, you ask!? MY BEST SELF!  Although I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, there is something so exciting about a new year!  A fresh start!  new-yearAlthough every moment presents an opportunity for a fresh start, the New Year gives many people the feeling of a hopeful new beginning. The hope is palpable. Goodbye to those things that no longer serve me, and hello to all things that makes life better than ever! I am no exception!  Here is a list of the things I plan to do more of in 2017.

This year I will:

Feel more joy

Send more love to everyone

Compliment more

Be braver and stronger

Be kinder

Show more compassion

Eat healthier

Exercise more

Only buy things I need and love

Praise God more

Express more gratitude for all my blessings

Surrender to each moment

Notice beauty

Laugh more

Be softer when I need to and stronger when the occasion arises

Speak my truth

Add value with my words

Use my time wisely


Have peaceful transitions

Be an instrument of peace

But here is what I know from years past. There are moments and likely whole days where I may not do ANY of these things in 2017 because I am HUMAN!  These are all things I strive for and know I can achieve, but my main goal is to be a truer version of myself.  To be authentic.  authenticityAnd forgive myself for not being perfect.

I may nap instead of working out, I may complain instead of expressing gratitude, I may forget to pray, and eat potato chips instead of broccoli.

When I do, I will forgive myself and realize I can always have another fresh start.  I have no plans to be perfect!  Perfect is boring and my number one plan in 2017 is to be ME. The best version of me I can muster every day. And if I can look back at the end of the year and feel as if I am a better, truer version of myself, then 2017 will be my best year yet!

I am curious what you plan to do more of in 2017?

One thought on “Dear 2017

  • Inspiring intentions, Carli!!! I intend to spread my glowing, positive light to our country and all peoples of the world, and to reach out to the dear ones I know to help make the world a better place. And to learn Qi-gong.

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