Then God Wanted Me to Know More- About Hope, Terrorism, and Oprah??

When I arrived home from my work trip, I knew something had happened to me, but I did not know what. I hugged my kids and was hoping I would start feeling like myself again soon.  I tried to explain it to my husband.  He looked extremely worried.  The next morning, the messages were back.  The first thought was, “don’t go to work.”  I said, “I HAVE to go to work.”  WHO was I arguing with?  Was I going crazy? I had missed three days of work due to the Board Retreat, and I am a very responsible person who did not just not go work.  I loved my work and people were depending on me.

Another message came, “check your lottery ticket.”  Fine, I thought.  This will prove this is all in my head.  I had a Powerball ticket in my purse.  I went over to the computer and checked my lottery ticket.  It was a winner!  I can’t remember the amount- not millions, but still a winner.  Again I heard, “God will give you everything you need.”  I was not having any of this.  I was getting frustrated.

I got in my van and realized I did not have my keys.  I had just had my keys and I was starting to feel agitated.  I went back into my house and searched high and low and finally located my keys.  I was convinced this was not where I left my keys, but I shook it off and got back in my van.  The drum beat got louder, “don’t go to work.”  Irritated, I got in my car and drove to work.  I did not have time to talk to God.  God SpeaksNobody- not even God was going to tell me what to do.  I had a life to live.  People were counting on me.  I was starting to feel very resistive to this nonsense.

Once I got to work, I checked in with a few people and much to my relief, I started feeling like myself again.  I sat down at my computer to check my emails, and there it was again.  This time I felt compelled to type. It was so strong that I could not resist.  I am going to share what I typed that day.  After researching other similar experiences, I am convinced this is channeled information.  At the time, I did not know what channeled information was.  When I read it, there are many things that do not sound like things I would have said- especially at that time in my life.  I find myself saying some of these things now since I learned them from what I now believe was God.

There were a few things that did sound a bit like my voice and my thoughts, so there may be a mixture of my personality mixed in with God’s voice?  I wish I knew.  All I know for sure is this had not happened to me before but not typing this message was not an option.  I was compelled to write it.  I was as skeptical about this as you may be, but one thing that convinced me this came from outside of me was when I titled it Hope Manifesto.  I had never used the word manifesto. I had to research what it meant.  Manifesto: “a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.”  I was not the issuer.

What did Nursing Home Administrator with three kids need a manifesto about hope for?  The other intriguing aspect is it almost sounds like a message for many people, or a call to action?  It expands on the “answer” I had received two days prior.  Hope- Elie WieselWhy was I talking about terrorists?  At the time, it was all very confusing.  I have not had a feeling to write this strong before or since.  It was only recently I found the “manifesto” when I was looking for something else.  I have recently started feeling the urge to write again, but still not like this- where I HAD to.  In looking at the current state of affairs in our country and our world, this information seems even more relevant to me as I reread it.

Hope Manifesto

America is restless. Humanity is restless.  Americans want answers.  Humanity wants answers.  Americans are part of the human family.  We know that but are starting to have doubts we are all the same. What has been said is, there are really only two ways of looking at the world: one with a sense of hope, which creates love and understanding, and one with a sense of fear, which creates anger and hatred.  The reality is, there are four kinds of people:

  1. Those that have hope
  2. Those that are close to believing in hope, but have questions and doubts
  3. Those that haven’t given hope much thought, but know they are not happy
  4. Those that are hopeless, or at least believe they are

Most people are in camp two and three- wanting to believe, but doubting, or just having a sense of restlessness they can’t put their finger on. The opportunity is to reach those that want to believe, instill a sense of knowing without doubt- there is hope, so they can believe it themselves.  There are less people who are truly hopeless than we think, and the terrorists believe.  If humanity creates their own destiny, why does it sometimes feel as if the majority of us who want peace can’t make it happen?

First of all, it is happening. It is not true that terror is winning.  There are messages of hope all around us, if we are paying attention.  Even on the news.  Even in the movies.  Jerry McGuire- “people just want to be inspired.  Show me the money- that’s not what inspires people.”  Some watched that and identified with how much money he was able to “get”, but what some people missed is he got the money because he had passion.

Watch for those messages of hope- they are everywhere.  Even in societies that seem hopeless- there are children, there are mothers.  Everyone has passion- it needs to be tapped for the good of the world.  Hope Quotes- from despairTerrorists are tapping into passion. Those that spread hope need to tap into that passion.  People actually use a sense of hope to sell their message of hate, which is evil of the worst kind.  Child molesters, pimps, terrorists, mass murderers understand people and know what to say to people to make them feel valuable and that is when they prey on the innocent.  It is easy to hate those people, and want to “eliminate them.”  But a person who holds love in their heart knows they are just people who are lost.  They lost their sense of hope for a better life, and make choices based on their view of the world.

Violence only creates more violence, no matter how much we wish it isn’t true.  It is a normal human reaction to awful crimes on humanity to want to fight back, and “eliminate” those that hate in the world, but what have we then become?  Most people do not join a terrorist organization, cult, a gang, or an army believing they are making the world worse.  They want the same thing in life as we do- a purpose.  They finally have a cause, a purpose, something to live for.

There are words for this- a collective shift, the tipping point, world peace. This is possible in our lifetime, if we make the choice to see the world different.

What we have done is made labels for people, so everyone can fit into one box or another.  This is a human phenomenon and creates most of the conflicts in the world.  Not the labels themselves, but the assumption that labels mean better or worse.  It makes us feel better to think when bad things happen, it just means that one group is superior to another.  It secures us to know: we are better human beings than “those” people.  Labels give us a sense of understanding to our world.  The labels themselves are not bad, it’s what happens when we react with fear to those labels.  The truth of the matter is all human beings are ultimately the same at their core, it is just hard for people to understand that.  It is painful to believe that at times.


World: Christians vs. Muslims; Jewish vs. Palestinians; Sunni’s vs. Shiites; Western Culture vs. Eastern Culture; United States vs. Al Qaida; America vs. France.  It’s okay to identify yourself as a Palestinian.  You are a valuable human being.  It is not okay to hate everyone else because they are not.

America: Blacks vs. Whites; Rich vs. Poor; Management vs. Staff; North vs. South; Lawyers vs. Doctors; Athletes vs. Musicians; Working Mothers vs. Stay-at-Home Mothers; Men vs. Women; Democrats vs. Republicans.  It’s okay to be poor. You are a valuable human being. It is not okay to hate everyone else because they are not.

Personal: Teenagers vs. Parents; Husband vs. Wife; Co-worker vs. Boss; Mother vs. Daughter.  It is okay to be an employee rather than a leader.  You are a valuable human being.  It is not okay to hate everyone who is in a leadership position just because you are not.

Those that want to believe in hope sometimes feel that messages from our culture tell us something else, although it depends on what camp you are in. The answer that messages are all around you, but you’re not paying attention are not satisfying to those in camp two and three.  They want to believe it but here are too many doubts.

If you understand every human being is the same- they just want to be heard, it will help you understand. Understanding is not accepting.  The cycle is the same throughout history.  A group of people, or an individual at some point loses hope, feels a sense of hopelessness, they get scared, they get angry, they feel like they don’t have a voice.  Every human being has this experience at one extreme or another.  Quote- hope George ElliotIn horrible examples of humanity- human beings ALWAYS rise up from the culture of despair.  Someone always rises up to say, “things are really bad, this is wrong, but here’s the message: we need to make a choice- to hope- a choice for peace and understanding.  You have the power to make that choice.  There is no reason you can’t make that choice.  Those that still have a sense of hope are inspired by this message and make a personal shift and make better choices in their own lives and humanity improves.

Those that are hopeless get angry by the message because it threatens their perception of the world. They think, “that messenger of hope cannot possibly understand how bad MY life is.  It’s EASY for “him” or “her” to say “that.”  People that are hopeless can’t see that all the great visionaries are just like “them.”  Jesus was born in a manger, Gandhi lived in India in a culture of extreme poverty, John F. Kennedy was Catholic, Martin Luther King Jr. was a black man in a time when you could not sit in the front of the bus because of the color of your skin.

Wait!  These men were all brutally murdered.  Why did that happen? Does that prove the world is a horrible place? No- the reason those messengers of hope were killed is because there were oppressed human beings that saw the world as hopeless, they did not feel in control of their destiny, and it was too scary to admit they could make a choice to make their circumstances different. Quote- Hope. George Elliott That behavior was not okay, but there is a reason it happened.  All of those individuals understood that you could still love humanity and hate the behavior.  That message is scary to a small group of people, but when people are treated so poorly over long periods of time, it is easier to identify with that message. Understanding is not acceptance.  Most people have anger, and most people do not choose violence, but just peck away at other people’s soul to squelch messages of hope.  There is comfort in labeling people, and comfort in thinking one way of thinking is better than the other.  The problem with labels is it implies better or worse, and if you’re one way you are better, if you’re another way you are worse.

What could we possibly have in common with Osama Bin Laden? That doesn’t make sense.  The question we should be asking is why are people drawn to his message of hate and fear? The answer is, they have lost a sense of hope.  They live in hatred, anger, and fear, as do many of us who are not terrorists.

Why did they choose that message over the messages of hope all over the world?  Because which voice is louder? Which voice makes more sense when you have nothing? Which voice makes more sense when only two people you have ever known have ever left a poverty stricken area.  How about if you know of noone, and everyone you love has died of AIDS.  It is hard to imagine if you have always had enough food, and material things.

Even if you know in your heart it’s wrong, you don’t believe you have the power to change other people.  You are right.  You can’t change other people.  You can only change yourself.  Everyone can make a personal shift to make a difference in the world, and in their own way they are.

The Oprah’s of the world make some of us feel if we don’t have that kind of power, we can’t make a difference.  It is too painful to admit that Oprah had a harder childhood than most of us.  She chose a different life.  Sure she has special gifts and talents, but SO do you.  You don’t have to be on T.V. to be special.  Oprah- HopeYou don’t have to be an athlete to be special.  Oprah says it almost weekly on her show.  She has been saying just the opposite for twenty years, it is you that does not believe it.

Oprah is changing the world and people have tried to peck away at her over the years- but she does not let them.  Every week with the Angel Network, she would bring people on the show- just like you and me who are making a difference. Some watched that and thought, “what can I do?”  Others were jealous and said, “but I’ve done something better- where’s my recognition?”  Most said, “I want to make a difference, but what can I do? I’m “only” a Housekeeper, I’m just a teacher, I’m just a stay-at-home Mom.  You are worthy of greatness!  You have a message of hope.  Speak out, say it, don’t apologize for it, and don’t let others will criticize you.  Expect it, embrace the criticism, know this is not about you, it is about a person that felt the same way you did at one time in their life- inadequate in some way.

No human being is perfect. Your hope was squelched at some point, by someone, but the hard fact is, once you reach a certain age, you know it and CAN choose how you feel.  It does not feel as if you can choose to be angry or not angry, but if you practice it you can.  The reason there is so much hope in children is because they are our future.  We can tap into the hope of mothers in the world right now.  I say mother’s because women understand this much easier than MOST men.  I emphasize this because many men are ambassadors of hope but it is easier for women.

Why do more men choose the message of hate than women? (this is where the Manifesto ended- with a question. I saved it as Hope Manifesto.)

I abruptly stopped typing and felt almost as if I had come out of a trance. It was surreal.  After years of reading about spirituality, and other people’s experiences I feel convinced that God was trying to get my attention.  I think he is trying to get everyone’s attention.  For some reason, my quiet peaceful environment that night in the hotel room, opened some space for me to “hear.”  In 2008, I was introduced to Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth.  The way he describes his experience sounds similar to what I went through.  Eckhart Tolle quoteMy understanding is, he quit his job as a Professor and started studying spirituality and reading everything he could find on the subject to help him understand.  I had a similar urge but life circumstances were much different for me.  I was not such a good listener.

My ego was diminished, but I forced it to come back because I couldn’t figure out how to function with only my soul. I was a mother and I had a family and responsibilities.  I remember thinking God should have chosen someone with a little more time on their hands!  I think if I had heard this story before I had the experience I may not have believed it, but once my heart was open, and I had this happen to me, I live with a much more open heart.  As Elizabeth Lessor said I was starting to become broken open.  Life has not been the same since.

I am curious to know of anyone who has experienced something like this in their life?


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