My Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald,

I am one of those college educated women who are not feeling you this election. Granted, you may want to “feel” us, although my guess is I would not “be your first choice” since I have rocked an A cup since high school.  I understand that would make me “hard to be a ten.”

Let me tell you, you would not be my first choice either.  BELIEVE ME!  I feel as if I am captain obvious when I tell you this, but it appears you need to hear it.  It is unlikely you will read this, let alone actually hear it but it makes me feel better to type it.  It is NOT an honor for women to be your chosen grope victim.  The fact that you admitted you choose your victims by their looks makes every woman want to buy a lifetime supply of turtlenecks and stop wearing makeup forever.  By the way, if you are going to rate women by numbers, I think you should be a 10 yourself.  I am fully aware of my hypocrisy, but seriously, have you looked in the mirror lately?  News flash- without the size of your bank account, an aging man with small hands trying to cover up his obvious bald head with the worst comb over the world has ever seen is not what most women fantasize about.

donald-trump-hair-blowing-in-wind_0The size of your bank account does not do it for me either.  I am not impressed with a man who earned his money in large part by cheating other people out of theirs.  In addition, it is likely I have paid a higher percentage of federal taxes than you over the years. We wouldn’t know since you refused to release them.  It does not make me think you are smart it makes me MAD.  REALLY MAD!  Okay, sorry Michelle Obama, I am not taking your advice and I am going low.  I will make an effort to go higher.

Since I have a “really good brain”, and I think self-awareness is key to a successful life I am going to share some insight on why I will NOT be voting for you this year in the highly unlikely event you will ever read my letter.  My standard for the most important leadership role in the world is to vote for someone who inspires me to be a better person. You are NOT that person.

I have been trained through my work on Servant Leadership- thanks to Mark Deterding of Triune Leadership. This method of leadership is designed to look at your role as a leader as a servant to those you lead, with the example of Jesus as your model. I think one of the reasons I feel so repulsed by your leadership style is because there is not ONE OUNCE of servant leadership in your words, in your actions, or in your life.  I feel compelled to speak out.  Here are my top ten reasons I will not be voting for you this election:

  1. As part of my servant leadership training I had to write my leadership point of view. In the section called my “beliefs about leading” my first belief is: I believe leaders set the tone for how others will interact with each other. People will follow your lead, including your mood. I have supervised leaders and watched people lead large teams and small and this is what I know for sure. The tone is set by the leader. I don’t even think your supporters could admit you set a hopeful, positive, inspiring, tone. You are clearly setting a tone-fear and anger. This is my number one reason I CANNOT support you. Fear is NOT leadership!
  2. Another belief I have in my leadership point of view is: I believe ALL people have value and no one is more important than another. Donald, you have insulted, mocked, and offended women, those that have struggled with their weight and body image, disabled people, Latinos, American Indians, African-Americans, Veterans, journalists, Muslims, the LGBT community by choosing Mike Pence, and many people in your own party. Oh no Donald, not on MY WATCH, not when I still have a voice will you be my President! My President will NOT be allowed to say that because of your ethnicity or your religion you are less important than someone else.
  3. Blatant sexism, racism becoming normal- NO, NO, NO- NOT IN MY AMERICA. This is NOT who we are! donald-trump-sexismThis does not represent us! Being politically  correct involves carefully choosing how you communicate so you can make your point without offending large groups of people, or even one person. It takes class, dignity, intelligence, and empathy for how other people may feel. Words have power, especially when you are applying for the most important leadership position in the free world.
  4. I have a sign in my house that says, “BECAUSE NICE MATTERS.”Enough said.  You are NOT NICE.
  5. I believe global warming exists and science is real. We need leaders who trust scientists and are not arrogant enough to believe they know more than the scientific community.
  6. We are a country built by immigrants. I am part of the human family and my faith teaches me to have compassion and love for others. Your lack of humanity towards immigrants is appalling. Yes, we need to be safe, but we have to be kind too. Only love will combat terrorism- not hate.
  7. Facts matter. Decisions need to be made by sound, factual information. It appears you may not be aware there are websites now that fact check your statements. Many reputable sources have rated the majority of your statements as blatant lies. You don’t apologize, you don’t explain, you lie and expect people to believe you. And some do. Your arrogance is unprecedented. Just because you want something to be true, just because you wish something were true, just because you yourself believe it to be true, does not make it true. I know some people think you “tell it like it is.” I have fact checked you and I do NOT believe you!
  8. I want to feel proud of our President, not embarrassed. You embarrass me. My friends that have traveled overseas tell them people are laughing at America for even considering you for President. I want the world to know America has dignity.
  9. You are a BULLY. You need to attend preschool and sign your kindness pledge. I cannot believe I am saying that to a candidate for the President of the United States. I should not have to say that. kindness-pledgeWhen you tweeted a picture of Ted Cruz’s wife with a picture of your third wife to imply, my wife is prettier than yours. REALLY… people don’t discuss that disgusting tweet anymore because you have said so many other awful things before and since. A person should NOT be President if he would spend most of his days in detention in school for bullying! I find Heidi beautiful by the way!
  10. AMERICA IS GREAT!!!! Are we perfect- NO, but that is what makes us great! Our founding fathers created systems that allow us to continue to perfect our Union. We have been a beacon of hope for millions of people and that is the image we should project to the world. You have threatened journalists and freedom of speech! Freedom of speech allows us to speak up and change what is not so great- ask questions, fact check, hold people accountable. The irony of your slogan is, not electing you is the first step to make America great again. nelson-mandela-quoteStrong leaders accept criticism as part of the job. You have thin skin and attack anyone who dares to suggest you are less than perfect. Somehow that standard only applies to you?

I am glad I live in a country where I have a voice. Education and knowledge truly is power. I do believe in a God who loves you too, but that does not mean you deserve to be President of the Unites States. Not if I have anything to do about it!  You messed with the wrong crowd!


Carli Lindemann

A proud college, educated, small-breasted woman with a “really good brain.”

Disclaimer: I am fully aware my ego is in charge when I write this letter but it makes me feel better to write it. I am not trying to convince anyone how to vote, but using this as vehicle to express my strong emotions.  I respect your opinion too.  I am aware this could offend someone and I apologize if it does.  I so admire those who have spoken out- especially Mitt Romney, Barbara Bush, John Kasich, David Brooks and others who are members of the Republican Party who are putting country over party this election.  You will be rewarded for this. This has to be especially painful for you to watch. My kind, respectful, dignified, Republican Grandfather who I called Bampa is shaking his head at you from heaven right now.  This is not the party he supported.  Next, I will attempt a more hopeful assessment of why this is happening.


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